Homero Alvarez Sep7ett

This is the new project from composer and guitar player Homero Alvarez who here presents music in a personal mixture of jazz, south american rhythms and whatever else comes to his mind. A development in compositions but also an instrumental journey together with a great septet of well known musicians from the Swedish jazz scene.

The group has released two EPs so far. A debut with four tracks in June 2020 and there after Recycle in November 2020. Concerts are postponed due to Covid-19.

The septet includes the following line up.

Homero Alvarez – guitars
Karl Olandersson – trumpet
Karin Hammar – trombone
Arnold Rodriguez – piano
Juan Patricio Mendoza – bass
Ola Bothzén – drums
Andreas Ekstedt – percussion

Press och konvolutbild nedan.
Fotograf : Nina Varumo

Bilder nedan från Jazzklubb Fasching, 16e april 2021.
Fotograf : Tommy Lindström